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Terms of Service

Ordering and quotes

- Quotes are only estimations of the price for your fursuit and in no way bind you into an order with apcostumes.

- Quotes are only valid for 30 days and after that you must post another request for a quote when you are ready to pay.

- I prefer to have a Skype call with you to insure clear details on your suit and to plan out your suit so it is as perfect as possible. However, if you suffer from phone anxiety, are deaf, or just prefer to talk over another app like Telegram or Messenger, I would be more than happy to oblige.

- You must provide a clear 2-3 view reference sheet of your character.


- A 30% non-refundable payment must be paid upfront.

- Once your costume is finished you can no longer receive a refund, however you may sell the costume for up to the same amount you paid for the costume.

- I only accept paypal for online transactions. If you live locally to me you may pay with cash or check.

- I can work with payment plans. This doesn't count for the 30% down payment, but the remaining 70%.

- Any orders made in Texas will be charged sales tax.


- There is a  30 day warranty for your costume. Any accidental damages will be repaired for free, minus the price for shipping.

- Any mistakes like sizing will also be fixed for free.

- If I see you modify your costume in any way, your warranty will be voided.


- While I am willing to work with minors above the age of 13, I will require legal consent from your legal guardian and for them to be present during the skype call. If for whatever reason I feel as if you are lying about your age or forging your legal guardian's signature, I will deny your commission.

- I will also only offer up to a mini partial for  Minors aged 13-16 since that is the option that will last the longest for those ages. 

- Sometimes a character's design can be too complex, so I might need to change the design of your character (simplify large gradients, increase size of spots, colors of the fur, etc) so they turn out looking good. However, I will always consult you beforehand.

-I reserve the right to deny any designs I deem too complex, offensive , or controversial.

- I do not work with deadlines. If you need a suit done by a convention/ holiday, please commission me at least 6 months in advance to allow plenty of time for me to finish the costume. I work fast, but I am a student and have times when I am very busy.

- I will send you regular updates at every step, and it is your responsibility to reply and ask me to change anything.


- I ship internationally, but shipping is not included with the total price and will be determined when your costume is finished. It is your responsibility to set aside some money as I work on your costume to pay for shipping.

- I always ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

- Return shipping for any adjustments will be paid by you.

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