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Heads - $400+


The heads are foam based, have a static jaw, and are lined with a soft, comfortable lycra fabric. If you have glasses please make sure to tell me so I can make your head glasses-friendly. As someone who has to wear glasses myself, I know how important that is.

mini partial - $600+


Do you have issues with heat? Maybe you just want to tip your toe into the world of fursuiting. Than this option is for you! This set comes with the head, handpaws, and tail. This is just enough to immerse yourself into your character without the heat.

This is also the option I offer to minors  ages 13-16 since it will last the longest for them.

Partial - $800


Partials come with the head, paws (Foot and hand paws), tail, and armsleeves! perfect for your first fursutit.

Plantigrade fursuit - $1,200+


A fullsuit with no padding, but still perfectly as fluffy. Great option for anyone who wants to show off the character's full design and to give great hugs.

Digitigrade fursuit - $1,500+


A fursuit with polyfill pillows for optimal comfort. Great for more feral characters.

Plushsuit - $3000+


Basically a giant cuddly plushie you get to climb inside! They give amazing hugs, but they are very hot. You can add an optional slits in the paws so you can easily slip your hands in and out. The stuffing and head is removable for ease of cleaning. 

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