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How old do I have to be commission a fursuit?

I am willing to work with most minors (13-17) however you must have permission from your legal guardian. I will require them to sign a contract stating that they know that they are paying for a fursuit for their child. They must also be present during all skype calls to discuss details on your suit.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have three dogs, two are indoor dogs, and one indoor cat. I try my best to keep my pets from interacting with the materials, but just to be safe if you do have allergies I suggest going to another maker.

I'm going to the same convention as you. Can I have it handed to me?

Yes! Of course I'd love to see your reaction to your fursuit. I'm all for hand-delivering because not only do I get to see how happy you are live, but you may get free shipping if I drive to the convention!

How much is shipping?

It depends from place to place, but usually shipping in the united states should be around $20-30 for smaller parts like heads. Unfortunately as of now I don't know how much it would cost to ship out anything larger, but I will make sure to update as I find out.

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